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Looking for a family-friendly adventure for your teen or pre-teen?
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Our story has a young boy who is thrown into the middle of a war between two factions of mice. He's always been enticed by weapons of war and decides to help out. Several epic battles ensue and continue to escalate - but at what cost?


Flynn loses his parents in an awful crash. He's dealing with feelings of loss, betrayal and anger. But will choosing the next family to come along be the best decision for the boy?

Coming of Age

We never stop making mistakes, even as adults. It comes down to whether or not we learn from those mistakes. Flynn is forced to grow up in a hurry, and he has to make a lot of hard decisions on the run - literally. How much and how fast will he learn?

Timothy K. Clark

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Tim is a writer, editor, director, digital marketing expert, photographer and videographer. He was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, and graduated from Otterbein University. He spent a decade living in Los Angeles working in film as a screenwriter, cinematographer, director and editor on independent productions. He now lives in Dublin, Ohio, with his wife and kids. He restores classic cars, mows the lawn (a lot!) and writes in his spare time.