About that Farmhouse…

When I was building the website for The Mice Storm, I did a quick Google Image search. I was hoping to find a wintry farmhouse photo that looked very similar to the one in the final act of the book. And I found it.

The photo was on the DeviantArt site and was taken by LocationCreator (you can see her work here.) I try to reach out to ask permission when using someone else’s photos but she was very kind to me and said I could use her image. But… what was really cool was that she also had a great story behind the pic and I wanted to share.

Here are the details in a note from Heidi:

A bit about the farmhouse in case it strikes your imagination: 5 to 6 Scenic Art students live in the house, and walk through the forest every day to the Cobalt Scenic Studios to work on projects or have class. It is a community kitchen – a very professional kitchen with 2 refrigerators, 2 stoves, and the farmhouse has working fireplaces in the kitchen and LR. Cobalt studios is of course a real place in White Lake New York.

– Heidi Hoffer

Rachel Keebler, owner of Cobalt Scenic Studios, would really love it if you could pop over to their website to learn a bit more about what they do! Cobalt Scenic Studios

And I want to say thank you once again to Heidi for letting me use her fantastic photo! It is just about everything I imagined when I was writing the book. In fact, it’s such an integral part of the story that I had the book cover designer add the farmhouse when he was working on it (it’s the small red house, covered in snow, at the top of the book.)

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