Even more great “Mice Storm” reviews

I wanted to share a few more reviews that have come in for the novel “The Mice Storms” on Amazon:

What a great story for a young boy (or girl)! This action packed adventure about a young orphaned boy and the mouse who befriends him has everything – compassion and friendship along with an exciting war battle that will have you cheering for the underdog. A new adventure for those who loved Stuart Little, the Rescuers, and the Mouse and the Motorcycle.

K Sullivan

Just finished this. I loved the story and how imaginative it is. Took me back to being a kid and playing pretend before we had things like video games. Tim Clark is very descriptive and his writing is so colorful that you are able to “watch” it unfold as you read. Also, this makes me miss a good snowstorm. I was 11 and living in Northeast Ohio when that blizzard hit, I sort of remember. I agree with another review, I can see this made into a movie. Great read for young and old.


The author really keeps you wanting to turn the next page!

Robert Coddington

There’s something about the combination of winter, fantasy, and intriguing characters that always appeals to me. This book delivers a wonderful story that will melt the coldest heart.

Aaron de Orive

This is an incredibly creative work of art. The characters are highly believable and Timothy’s attention to detail and ability to move the story along is awesome. I don’t know how he managed to keep it all strait sometimes with so much action going on. Well done, Timothy Clark, and I look forward to your next work.


4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Pick up your copy today!

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