The Mice Storm

Flynn’s life is turned upside down when he is placed in a foster home shortly before the worst winter storm in a century. He had been an ordinary 10-year-old until a car crash took his parents and left him in a wheelchair with a broken leg. His only friend is Gray, a wise-cracking mouse with a big city attitude. who is determined to keep him safe. The boy is lost, confused, and angry at the hand he’s been dealt. But his spirits are lifted when they discover a faction of mice that are living in the foster home. These house mice are being hunted by an angry tribe of field mice who are dead-set on their annihilation.


The Mice Storm is an exciting action-packed adventure for kids of all ages. Set in the weeks leading up to the Great Blizzard of 1978, in Columbus, Ohio, the story starts when Flynn is placed in his first foster home. His only friend is a gray mouse, who had stowed away in the family station wagon while they were on vacation. When their car crashed, the boy had no idea that the scared little creature would change his life forever. After Flynn recovered, he and the mouse were shuffled off to Mrs. Easterbrook’s foster home. She takes the wheelchair-bound child in, but lodges him in the basement! Down there, they discover a tribe of house mice who have recently arrived in the home and are being hunted by a group of field mice. Flynn is lured into helping the house mice fight off these attackers because war has always seemed an exciting prospect to him. And it doesn’t hurt that these mice treat him like family… Read the first chapter to find out more!


Young Adult Action

While the story is perfect for kids from 9 to 19, it's a wild family adventure that everyone will enjoy.

Flynn is all of us

The boy in The Mice Storm is caught up in a thrill-ride adventure but he also has to deal with issues of loss, anger and betrayal and what it means to feel like you're all alone. Flynn is all of us.

Gray is every great friend

We all need a Gray on our side. A true friend who wants what's best for us, despite what we want. They take the bad along with the good and never give up on us. We could all use a best friend like Gray.

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Awesome book! Just finished it up! Loved it! Great work and I would love to see this hit the big screen


The Mice Storm shines a light on unusual friendships, grief, and the challenges of being a child in the foster system. Clark shows his readers that while loss can be debilitating, a life full of possibilities continues for those left behind. Ideal for fans of Ratatouille and Redwall. After finishing The Mice Storm, I am eagerly awaiting his next release

Rachel (@rachelsreadsandreviews on Instagram)

I just finished The Mice Storm and it was definitely worth the read! It pulls at your heart strings yet gives you lots of adventure. I loved it! This book would be ideal for any preteen all the way to an adult!