Reviews for The Mice Storm

Lots of great reviews have come in for The Mice Storm novel on Amazon!

I thought I would share a few of them here.

“This book should be read by teens everywhere – there’s fantasy and adventure, but all of that exists parallel to a really touching coming of age story. It reminds me of a Disney movie, but with even more layers. Clark does an amazing job making it accessible and relatable to a younger audience through the use of witty dialogue and great characters. But beyond the witty dialogue, the cool characters, the fantasy and the action, this is really a story of strength. I went from laughing to gasping to feeling teary-eyed to reading like crazy because I was so caught up in the mystery and the suspense and the inspiring messages.” – Kathryn Burlo, Goodreads

– Kathryn Burlo, Goodreads

A definitive level of uncertainty and risk accompanies the choice to read a new author. That mindset has kept me from venturing out of my bubble of comfort more often I would like to admit. Cycling through the same author, book, and even publishing house has limited my exposure to inventive stories and hampered my potential growth as a reader.
I was recently recommended The Mice Strom by a fellow book enthusiast, thus providing me with the perfect opportunity to break from my well-worn reading habits. The Mice Strom is Timothy K. Clark’s p novel. Ideal for fans of Ratatouille and Redwall, TMS shines the light on unusual friendships, grief, and the challenges of being a child in the foster system. Clark shows his readers that while loss can be debilitating, a life full of possibilities continues for those left behind. After finishing The Mice Storm, I am eagerly awaiting his next release!

– Rachel Shaw

The Mice Storm is a fun story that brings me back to my childhood, not only because I was ten in 1978 just like Flynn, but because it reminds me of the stories I read back then that used to capture my imagination. I’ve been a fan of talking mouse stories since seeing the Rescuers multiple times in the theater as a kid, and Timothy Clark takes me back to the same feeling I had back then.

– Christopher Valin

What a fun read! Loved this adventure and the way it was written. Reminded me of my own childhood growing up in the same area. Handing it off to my teenage daughter. I know she will love it.

– Cheri Cook

Loved it!! I could actually see this book as a movie. The personalities of the little mice just came alive. Would definitely recommend it.

– Tina Fisher

This story is interesting it has a mixture of History, battles, and family…and that is just in the first few chapters. I enjoyed this book because the author did a great job of ensuring that the reader liked all the characters. I mean mice fighting mice what a concept. But, the one truth that flows continuously throughout this book is looking for a place of really belonging. Flynn is lost right now and anyone who shows any kindness is like a breath of fresh air. Funny thing about receiving kindness Flynn does not understand that nothing is free. Everything and everyone has an hidden agenda, what exactly that is you must read to find the answers. I recommend this story for everyone as it really has something for every reader. Whether you miss your family, love you fur baby, or just want a good ole fashion feel good story. Thank you Voracious Readers Only and author for my free copy of this book.

– Amirah

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